Welcome to the Heroic Hub!

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Welcome to the Heroic Hub!

Postby Evi » Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:00 pm

Welcome to the Heroic Hub, true believers!

We're a fansite dedicated to Heroes, fun, comics, movies, fun, games (generally of the video variety, but we do enjoy most games), Villains, writing, art, just__chillaxing, and most importantly fun.

Hopefully you get comfy and come see us often, since we have all kinds of interesting stuff in the works. So take your mask off, loosen your cape, and simply enjoy your time here.

We ask that you check out our site rules real quick and make sure they make sense to you.

If you decide you like the layout and want to see everything we have to offer(since not all of our super features are available to guests), you're more than welcome to join and please introduce yourself here.

I'd like to take a second and thank some people really quick.
Thanks to Chriz and Tasnek for creating the site. You guys made Heroic Hub so beautiful and I appreciate every second of tech labor you put in.
Special thanks also goes to Qirstu and Hashirama who helped make the dream a reality with their input.
Thanks to all of the returning members, dear friends, without whom this place would not exist, because we pretty much made it for you guys.
And thank you to all new members who decide to join us; we're happy to have you.
You are all awesome.

So without further ado: Enjoy your stay and if you need anything, just ask. :)

And uhhhhh... Excelsior!

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