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Postby Evi » Thu Jul 10, 2014 5:49 pm


Welcome to Da Rules! Yaaaaay...!??
Here you can find every offense that can (possibly) get you into trouble. Please read them over and if anything isn't clear enough feel free to ask about it

1. All members are to remain respectful. Remember the golden rule: Treat others the way you'd want to be treated.

2. Harassment or personal attacks of any sort are not allowed, whether it be on the public forum or in PMs. Insults, trolling, impersonating other members, flaming or inappropriate remarks are subject to mod intervention and have the potential for punishment.

3. Spamming is a no-no.
Side note: try not to double post if you can. I mean, it happens to everyone now and then, but if it's happening every time you post, you're going to get a talkin' to.

4. If you decide to make an account, but leave it empty and don't sign back on within about a week, then your account may be deleted to avoid bots and spam.To try and avoid making an error and deleting a real account:
-we will check and see if you posted something "human" or if you personalized your profile at all upon sign up. These are usually a good clue to the account-maker being a real person.
-we may send you a PM or email, and if you post/respond the message promptly, then your account will be safe.
However we aren't perfect and accidents happen. If it does and your account gets deleted by accident, we're sorry. This is only to prevent bots, spam and ghost accounts and make this place as squeaky clean as we can. If you make an account and don't plan to use it much, but still would like one, You could PM Hashirama, Tasnek, or me (Evi) and we'll leave it alone for you.

5. Only one gif allowed per sig to prevent things going into matrix-like slow motion. Slowmo: cool in movies, not in forums.

6. Theft or plagiarism is forbidden.

7. One account per person please. Multiple accounts are not allowed. The extra account will be banned on sight and the multi-account-maker will be subject to whatever fate the mods deem necessary.

8. Mods, Section-Runners, and Admins are allowed to edit, delete, or move any posts at their discretion.

9. Illegal activity or admitting to illegal activity will not be tolerated, and if appropriate, may be reported to the po-po.

10. Do not post inappropriate material. If you couldn't show it to your mother, PG-13 age children, or a psychiatric professional just__don't post it here.

11. All members may refer to the word "Hash tag" as Hashitag from this day forth.

All the rules are in place merely to make the forum a more chill place to hang out. Any questions, comments, or concerns about any of the rules can be discussed in PMs with any mods or admins or by suggestion in this thread


--For minor offenses, we'll probably just message you about it. Ask about your behavior; Ask you to STOP if it's inappropriate behavior, etc, etc. We like to think that we're a fair team and if it's either your first offense or it's just something minor, or if you have some wonderful defense of such behavior we'll probably talk to you about it, but ultimately the final actions taken rest in your reaction. We're totally willing to be flexible, but you have to extend the same courtesy.
If you continue inappropriate behavior then it will result in a warning.

--Three strikes and you're out. As in three warnings= a ban.

--Length of the ban will be determined by the mods, and based on the severity of the member in question's behavior.

--If you get a total of 3 bans in 3 months more serious action might be considered and taken, up to a banning for life.
Examples of minor stuff: An argument growing heated between members, fluff/double posting on occasion frequent enough to be taken note of, borderline inappropriate things/stuff that probably should have been in spoiler tags, cursing up a storm.

--Anything beyond the examples listed in severity will most likely result in a warning.
If something incredibly and unforgivably heinous is done by a member they can expect a lifetime banning without any parental "We're very disappointed in you" mom and dad speech. That member will just be done. Don't make us do that. We Image you and only want what's best for you.

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